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Kecskeméti Városi Fúvószenekar - English summary

English summary


About the orchestra

The orchestra funcionated in the Lánchid School since 1980 with the management of Lajos Kuna. With the help of the "Music school Colleagues" and the dissolved Workerguard's young orchestra members they created in 1986 the "Juvenile Brass Orchestra of Kecskemét".

We got "Emphasized Golden Diplome" in 1989, in 1992 we got the title "International Festival-Blassorchestra".
In 2011 we kept this title for us, and we even got a diploma for the "Concert Blassorchestra" and the "Amuser" category.

Our members are music-lover, enthuaistic amateurs, and some dedicated music teachers.

We are playing marches, transcripts of classical musics, and pop music, too.
For processions we are playing marches, before events "welcome music", and between them we play music, too.

Our main target is take care about the culture of the blassmusic in our town. We are working together on the events in the region of Kecskemét with the town, like national feasts, NATO air show, firefighter-day, children's day, carriage driver world cup, etc.

We attend on regional events, for example in Zánka, Kiskunfélegyháza, Nagykőrös, Heves, Kiskőre, Parád, Kiskőrös, Izsák, Tiszakécske, and Sárvár as many as we can.

Our orchestra is well-seen in other countries too. So we can be proud for this journeys:

  • 2010. Poland - Plonsk

  • 2007. Italy - Feltre

  • 2006. Italy - Mosciano San Angelo

  • 2004. France - Antibes

  • 2003. Greece - Kavala

  • 2001. Germany - Bad Nenndorf

  • 1999. Austria - Dornbirn

  • 1997. Germany - Rüsselscheim

  • 1995. Italy - Mariano Comense

  • 1994. Italy - Nogaredo di Prato

  • 1992. Austria - Dornbirn, Germany - Gögglingen, Denmark - Viborg

  • 1990. Finland - Hyvinkää

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